Saturday, August 20, 2005

there's so little time left to the prelims
and there's so much to do
this world concludes,
work ur brain out..sweat it!!
study as hard as you can
as much time as you have in your hands,
fully utilise it.
is this reality for me?
am i doomed to fail?
surely not!!
i don't want it to be
and it is not
for my reality is in God's word.

i can do whatever it takes to study
but it doesn't matter how much effort i put in
as long as my DaddyGod is not for me
or with me througout this situation
nothing is sure.
He is for me and with me:)
as long as i put my trust in my works
nothing is absolute.
But,if my trust is in Him alone,
i will surely see the salvation of the Lord,
my Jesus.
standing still in the midst of the storm
and whatever else comes against me,
i know,i know
that my DaddyGod never lets me go
even at times when i feel that im incapable to hold on to His word
that's the beauty,it's all about Him ;D
my DaddyGod embraces me in His loving arms.
He says to me,"stay still,stop struggling.Let
Daddy hold you.Watch me."
I am and I will.
this is His promise to me.


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