Saturday, October 29, 2005

more than a conqueror in Christ JESUS !
thank you Jesus!!!
You are the epitome of stability, the rock that will not be shaken, the light that shines through and the joy of my heart.
i wanna enjoy everything that is purchased by you.
because of you, i have wisdom, holiness, righteousness and redemption.
that is you, Jesus!
thank you for Your very manna for the day.
i thank you that i can call today blessed.
You are my Provider!
yes!! i want to know you more and more. i want to my soul to prosper by leaps and bounds!! use me to bring glory, to show that truly You are a God of love... the one who ppl around me shall exclaim that truly You are my God!
i dunno how, when or what to do but one thing i know.. You are my Jesus, my Saviour!
No matter what, You are still my Jesus. This precious truth shall not change.
p.s the law of spirit and life doesn't respect me because i'm favoured left, right, centre, everywhere... haha..
luv, pris whose blood runs with the life of Jesus.

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