Sunday, December 25, 2005

blessed Christmas!!!!

shalom shalom beloveds of Abba!!!!!

blessed CHRISTMAS!

'this is the season to be jolly.. lalalalala..'
nah.... it should be... that is if Jesus is your saviour... then....
'every season is a season to be jolly... lalalalalala..'
since today is Christmas, He is the reason we celebrate this season!!
my saviour!!! woohooo!!!

well.... this month of december has been like 'woah'!!!
every single week i see the manisfestation of His goodness la..
truly.. my double portion had been given even before i see these manisfestation.
repeat after me in Jesus' mighty name.. here it goes... priscilla began to be properous, continued to be prosperous and became very prosperous!!! yea!! Amen!!! hallehlujah!!!!!!!
thank you Jesus for these blessings!!!

ooo... thank You for the buffet of sermons every week too!! i enjoy this feast Lord!!
Thank You for Your presence!! I wanna be one who cherishes your priceless presence.
Amen!! I am i am!!!

watch out beloveds!! the good has come... the year 2005 ain't over... expect more and more from our Abba!!! shout hesed hesed and grace grace!!!!

hahaha... i saw this link in one of the beloved's bloggy... hilarious!!!
* blessed hokkien Christmas *

love, pris

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