Thursday, August 10, 2006

NDP was awesome man!!!! The weather was so fine, sunny and yet windy..
thank u Lord for such a wonderful time.
i had fun having my face decorated w face paint, temp tattoos and also the goodie bag.. oo.. i luv the contents..It contained two bottles of new water, 1 energy drink, 1 pkt of yeo's chrysanthemen tea, 1pkt of chipmores, 1 mini pkt of twisties (new flavour), 1 pkt of 'woods' sweet, 1pkt of tong garden nuts and 'Craze' , 1 pkt of biscuit.

Plus, a battery-op fan, cap which had a singapore flag which could be lited, a 'nokia' torch, temp tatoos, etc,.. I felt so well provided for lah.. hahahha..
Furthermore, the fireworks which was displayed just above my head was spectacular. hahaa.. whenever there was fireworks coming, we would have to open our transparent umbrellas to prevent any remnants from falling on our head..
hee... I can only conclude with this, 'praise Jesus for the tix!!...and more to come'

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