Friday, May 09, 2008


hi my bloggie's biggest FAN!

pam n i met up with her classmate, wendy, for lunch at toastbox. we had peanut butter toast n it was O so sticky. oooooo...

And while pam and wendy left for wendy's haircut appointment. I found myself in my beloved starbucks yet again. Nice. The iced tall cafe latte w caramel syrup was like shots of adrenaline rushing thru my head each time i sipped. ha!

Was doin' my assignment til' about 545pm then I left for my class which started at 530pm. 
haha, I was like taking my time to reach school as I knew some of my friends weren't gg. Only 4/12 ppl came for lesson. Btw, from next week onwards, I will only have lessons officially on mon and thurs! hee. :D 

congrats man! u're FREE from exams!!!!!  yea, we'll meet up next week! :D

have a good sleep.

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