Monday, May 12, 2008

starbucks again?

intuos 3- for the serious photographer, designer and artist
yea, im the serious designer. ohyea?! by HIS grace la!


i drank another cup of caffe latte this morning before sch as i was there again to do some work. ahahah... but it tasted bitter coz i din add any syrup. haha, might drink this tmr again coz i will be there again! 

wee... im so motivated to do finish my work. During lunch (seafood combo at bugis basement---it's like a food haven now after renovation), my classmates were  discussing about each other's workload before our assessment (our really BIG DAYS) arrives on 27/28June. And we've got so much to do esp for myself. hahah.. :D 29 more days to church camp!!!  I told ya that I aim to finish everything before camp right? 

Oh ya, my classmates n i were talking abt our lives after ur grad. haha,.. all of us seem to have some plans abt gg overseas. e.g. one of them will be travelling around asia, perhaps europe and other places for like 3 months before returnin back to scotland. how cool. guess what, he plans to travel on his own. Oman, i want to go somewhere too! like have multiple holidays in a row. wow, how happening can that be, chubby? SUPER UBER HAPPENING! india???! hahaha. awesome! "i want to... experience the unexperienced!" 
* * *
I'm not sure how many starbucks drink i have per week but i think the amount will start increasing coz im gradually gettin back into e momentum of doing my work at starbucks almost everyday. haha, hopefully, they will start givin' free cups n vouchers to their regulars once again. And of course, i hope to be recognized as one n be there when that happens! woohoo!
* * *
The peanut butter pic is taken from! hahah... i think u can do up a peanut butter sandwich like that too. but im not sure if u will eat it.

BTW, i saw ur brownie which looked like ermmm....a dried-up sponge. hahah... i haven't tasted it yet. mm... I will try it later ya. 
I bet u've recieved lotsa comments on it. teehee.
* * *
"anyways, thanks bong for getting the intuos 3 on my behalf all the way from the US! And wat's more, it's much cheaper than if i were to buy locally. THanks man!!! or rather 'superman'! ha! he flies with his super belt" 

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