Thursday, October 02, 2008

October grocery list.

grocery shopping list for october!
warm greetings to chubby & perhaps friends
here's a list for u if u wish to shop for some groceries for me this month. 
This list isn't exhaustive or finalized yet but it's sounds good
enough to whip up a appetizing, delectable and scrumptious meal
However, some of the ingredients can only be found online
So, click on the links to find out more.

1. Muji Umbrella / Bed sheet / Snacks
4. Diary 2009 - found at taka basement, stationary section- Helvetica-looking/white & red
5. Earbuds - ducky one
9. Rolls of Kodak UltraMax Film - 400
10. Jones the Grocer gift voucher
11. Basheer gift voucher *if there are
13. Art Friend Voucher *if there are
14. Notebook / Tote bag / Linen Pencil Case @ CasualPoet
15. Notebook/Pencil/Camera @ Books Actually
16. Journal (e.g Travel Journal) / Pen @ WouldWood
20. Starbucks Voucher - ***might not be an essential ingredient

**these are perhaps the most priced spices on the grocery list this month

Yours truly,


bONG said...

hrmm... grocery shopping for october... why? is anything special happening in october???? =Þ

haha... lucky we have till the end of the month to shop. lol!

naspampris said...

wow! this is sooooo, artsy! LOL. anw, does ur ranking go in order from most preferred to least preferred or are they random?


Priscilla said...

> bong:
Didn't you know? Approx. 21 yrs ago, Singapore started the 'Have a grocery list and Buy' movement. HA. And we are encouraged to participate. Yup, you have got it right! haha. This movement last till the end of this month. :D So this month ah, it's super uber duber happenin'!

> chubby:
ahaha, so artsy ah? Yep, these are stuff that I realli love. hahah. Quirky/artsy/practical-ious stuff. Better than Pet society right! hhahahah. Ohya, they are in a random order. No worries. i will be updating my list as the days of Octoberrr go by. hee. which means adding more items on the grocery list >>> more options to whip up the meal! ;p

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