Monday, October 06, 2008

happenin' days.

"Jie, did u see the puppy?"
"It seems lost ah.."
We crossed the road and observed the puppy's movements.
"Ah...! It's trying to cross the road  and the light is green!"
Someone managed to grab it back to safety in the nick of time.
Spent the whole Sunday evening trying to get shelter for the puppy.
Calling up our cousin & friends, Entertained the thought of keeping it, Puppy was crying/hungry/thirsty,  Pet lovers' centre, Sample food, lotsa water for it, SPCA, a group of ah lians & bengs, a couple whose friends were compassionate enough to want to adopt the puppy, a worker at pet lovers' ctr who insisted on keeping it, and finally... miraculously, the puppy's owner brought the puppy home.

Taking out a borrowed DSLR from her bag at suntec, about to embark on a solo journey to take some city shots.
"Hi, do you speak English?"
Shown a map. "Do you know how to get to the merlion?"
"Erm.... How about I bring you all there?"
Made friends with some Thai University Students. Cool ah. 
"Next time you come to Bangkok, i will bring you around."

A visit to an old lady's house  with my ma's friend was an eye-opener to the living conditions of some elderly. I went there with the purpose to take a look at some stuff that she might have so she could sell to me. Her one-room Chinatown flat was filled to the ceiling and cluttered with her belongings. Stacks of cloth were strewn all over the floor. Some were stained and yet she claims that they were clean. Others were stashed beneath her sofa. While taking photos of the potential buys from her, she showed me photos of her younger days. Her regrets of a single life makes her keep telling me to find someone and get married. She tells me of how she fancies Ang mohs and Eurasians and also of her dream to get married to someone rich so she can live a life of riches. While having 'zhi cha' (assorted dishes with rice) with her, ma, ma's friend and pam at a hawker centre, I hear of her crush on another elderly. My ma told told me that it's one-sided and he prefers Cheena girls coz they are pretty. And this old lady claims that she doesn't like him coz he doesn't speak English. Ha, amusing ah. 

"Bed bugs feed exclusively on blood." 
This is one-episode of my life that I don't think I will forget. 420SGD spent on getting the pest control people to come to our house to spray some residual. And more moolah is spent on getting plastic bags ( trash bags/ bio-degradable ones/ white ones) and all kinds of tapes ( double-sided/scotch/ masking) , washing the clothes with hot water. Double-restoration for my family and finances! No more sleepless nights. 

Almost got tricked into sending my iPod shuffle to a scammer! Thank you Jesus for the lack of peace in sending the iPod shuffle straight away to the 'buyer'. Can you imagine not getting paid for the shuffle and yet having to pay 189.40 SGD for the shipping cost for the buyer?

Sounds gross? Nah, not actually but Wendy enjoyed this. Ha.

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