Thursday, November 20, 2008

a day of laughter.

olivetti manual typewriter

watch out for our very own 'recessionista', a soon-to-be-columnist on pelamoid!
this is hilarious.

'the marina barrage seems quite inaccessible.'
a shop called 'The lawn' sells Demano stuff!

finally, bought a pack of uno on sun.
then, four of the '+2' in my pack were blanks.
oh, i'm so going to exchange it for a new pack.

a random thing i want,
an Olivetti manual typewriter.
but, it cost 125 USD on fredflare.

something i really want,
a nikon DSLR.

also, I want to have a trip to japan.
to bangkok.
to hongkong.
to europe.
to UK.
to 'down under'.
to israel.
best of all, a fully-paid expenses trip.

interesting article on 'stop teaching handwriting'.

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