Thursday, November 13, 2008

I never liked writing out time management plans 
as 99% of the time, I never kept to them. 
However, I had to write one out 
as my lecturer requested for it.
 As I was typing it out for my 
advance diploma project,
 it made me realise that
I will be graduating
quite soon!

It was only six months. And now,
I have left with 5 months.
By May 2009,  I would have
 produced a magazine!
How awesome!
I wished I could accomplish
 more than a magazine though.
 I'm wondering if I should consider 
creating my own typeface (aka font).

"My magazine:
is successful!
showcases stunning photography!
displays awesome typography!
accomplished its vision - refreshing, insightful, inspiring.
is different from the rest of the magazines that I have seen."

On another note,
do you feel much older since you're 21, chubby?


chubby said...

if you ever produce ur own font, i will make sure i be the first to use it! and if i become a great teacher, i will let all my students use it! :D

and on another note, i do feel pretty old now. hahahaha.

. said...

hahah! coolest!!!

yup, i reckon u better 'older' now since... heheh.