Monday, November 24, 2008

she was mad.

Just left the library. Handphone in my right hand, books on my left. 
Walked to traffic light & waited for the green man.

A woman walked to my left and asked me to press the 'green man button'
Turned to her, looked at her strangely & said, "it's already pressed."

In a agitated tone, she snapped, "Can just pressed again? If i wasn't carrying that many things and had hands to press it, I wouldn't have asked you."
I insisted that the button has already been pressed and there wasn't going be any difference if I kept pressing it.
She refuted, saying that by pressing more, the red light will appear and the green man will come on faster so we can cross the road.
Pissed, I turned away. 
As soon I turned, the green man appeared. 
Just as I took my first step, this woman bellowed, "you f***ing lady!"
"Make sure that when you need help next time, no one will help you!"
Many strings of explicit vulgarities followed after.
"What kind of f***ing student are you?!" "..........!!!??!!"
"It's not as if you have some physical disability?!"
I quickened my pace but her voice still was audible.
" What is your hand for then?!! To press your b*****?!"
Heard her laughing to her self.
"To press your n******?!!"
Disgusted and afraid that she was walking the same route as i was, I walked even faster.
Stopped at another traffic light, I was relieved that she was gone.
Another woman came up to me and commented that she saw me walk faster and followed me.
She witnessed and 'overheard' what the woman told me. She assured me that that woman was mad and walked away. 


I have never been scolded with such expletives before.
This must have been from the pit of hell. haha. I'm so amused.


didi said...

oh my! i think she's jealous of ur assets artsy! hehe! if i were u, i would turn back and press them! LOL!

artsy said...

eeeeeeee. didi!!!!
she was plain outta her mind la!
Thank God tt i'm not u. hahahahahahahah

chubby said...

EEEH artsy!!! im glad ur safe! eeeh, if it was me i would have turned around and stuck my tongue out at her!

and its been a while since i visited! lalala!

artsy! said...


haha, if i were to turn back time, i prolly offered to carry her bags for awhile n asked her to press the button as fast as she cud!