Saturday, January 24, 2009

i am no-smell-o-meter.

Last night's chinese new year church service's musical was awesome!
It's amazing how they could tell the love story of Ruth and Boaz while incorporating the 'lil nonya' concept into the entire musical.
Totally enjoyed it.

Eating chicken wings birthed forth a friendship.
It's a friendship between the tip of my nose and tiger balm.
I discovered that the ability to smell food is directly proportional to my appetite.
I walked thru' the jap-products supermarket without my usual wants to buy any.
I consumed jap prawns that only tasted salty to me.
As I proceeded to consume a bowl of famous fish soup, there were the occasional hints of its yummy flavor. Thank God. More often than not, tiger balm will be whipped out from my bag to help its friend, my nose. 
Mm, I shall recover my sense of smell by tomorrow's reunion dinner.

On a another note, I was privileged to attend a housewarmin' 'party'. Their house was pretty and cosy. Located on the 22nd floor, it was very breezy. Their toilets stood out the most as the toilets had pretty unique-lookin' tile cemented on their walls. My only regret of this housewarmin' 'party' was forgetting to take photos with the owners of the house before we left.

So chubby, is this a much more lengthy update? hahaha. :p

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chubby said...

yeas yeas, much better! keep it up! hehe. chubby misses you!!!