Monday, February 23, 2009


What an experience we had at the flea - it's as if we are one step closer to having our own cafe-shop dream. 

Pam & I spent the entire week preparing - from designing to packaging to preparing for the set-up day. Had a '4pmAssembly' meeting during the week...{We joked that 5pmAseembly became 4pmAssembly' as our 5th partner is away doing his masters} Due to commitments we had as it was Arrow week, we could only help to setup the stall and return to the stall at only 9pm! 15-20 mins after we arrived, the intimidating bouncer-looking people started asking us to pack up. Such a short-lived experience. 

Big thanks to dong fen and wendy for tending to the stall!

We planned to sell everything at the flea but it didn't happen.
Perhaps it was the wrong target audience - consumers who were mostly interested in buying 2nd-hand stuff.
Though it was a huge disappointment as our scarves weren't selling much, some of us did make some moolah from selling our own 'products'.
'Notbuks' did fairly ok and raked in profits - very glad that the very favor was there to attract ppl to buy our 'notbuk' stationery. People actually appreciated the designs we had for the notbuks and were willing to pay for them! :D
Our dear friend, dong fen, had made badges and magnets for sale and only but two weren't snapped up. Cool right!
Ha, none of our friends visited our booth except for dong fen's as they were all busy.
Ohya, I spotted a stall which sells 'Helvetica' tees. The next time I see them again, I'm so going to buy it! 

I'm looking forward to another experience when the opportunity arises again. 


chubby said...

visited. read. commented.

NICE. continue using more words! (:

artsy! said...

:d hahaha, will try to use more words!