Sunday, March 15, 2009


'Monocle' is quite esoteric and brilliant in its design. The content is so rich in global 'briefings' and it opens my eyes to the world. It makes me dream of going to Iceland, Japan, Copenhagen, and many more. I have grown to like the magazine, 'Monocle' so much so that I would like to subscribe to it. Perhaps not now due to cost but definitely in future.

My mag project is making me learn a range of different stuff - art & design , fashion, etc. Especially since I'm thinking of the content of my magazine. I've been reading up on photography, men's magazines { i somewhat really find men's magazines alluring } , many other genres of magazines { food / women's magzines / travel / .....}, chancing upon really interesting websites which offers a different feel like Monocle's or Wallpaper*}
Definitely, by the grace of God, my magazine though primarily 'inspired' by these two of my fav mags, will not end up being similar to them.

Have received really unexpected reviews from Mr.G from sch, he was utterly surprised when he saw my drafts of my mags and commented that I have beome a different person - one that produced really 'mature' work. I'm comforted to hear that my mag is on a good track. Really, it can only be Jesus. Yea. No more a 'lazy & playful diploma student'. Indeed and i choose to believe that I am being transformed from glory to glory as I behold Jesus.

On a sidenote, how's your toe, chubby? You were reminded of me when you had the food in the wedding whereas pam reminded you of something else in the wedding? Haha.

And how's Didi? The editor-in-chief of 'the letter after e'?


didi said...

artsy! gd to noe that ur mag is on track. do show me a copy if u can k!

oo! glad tt u find men's mag alluring! we have a common pt! wahaha!

meet up soon k!

chubby said...

toe's all better and ready for the next aereobics class! and yea, the wedding. hah. its nice to know that uve 'matured' artsy! i like the sound of ur magazine coming up, looking fwd to sharing the joys of ur success and accomplishments! LOVE!

artsy! said...

> didi, yea man! will show u a copy when it's completed!

hahah, have u read a man's mag before? I'm not referring to fhm or those kinds u know. hahah.

yea man! we should meet up soon!
u must have been quite busy ah!

have u have ur haircut? get a gd one again k! then i can take pics of ya! hahahaha...

artsy! said...

> chubby!

see ya tmr at aerobics man! hahah, we shall do our best! don't be late late ah!!!!

didi said...

oops! maybe not! haha! maybe u can show me if u have the chance.

haha! i'll try to do a haircut but it will be in at least ard a month's time.

haha! maybe i'll give u random calls/sms and do a last min arrangement! hehe!

artsy! said...

hahah. funny ah! okies! we can go to a bookshop / library to see the magazines tgt! hahahahahah... i borrowed a few as references for my project.

aiyo! one month?! in one month, my project would have been completed le!
ahhaah... so long didi!!!!!

yea! give me random calls.. i dun mind! ahahah, i miss ur croaky voice! muahaha.

didi said...

haha! u didnt really say clearly abt the man's mags what!

sorry artsy! this one month is gg to be busy for me! time will pass quickly! hee!

hmm..i don't know whether should i be happy to hear that i have a croaky voice.. haha! husky sounds better! hehe!

artsy! said...

wah....ya! surely this month will passed quickly! i heard that the entire ntu is busy. hahah... jia you didi! :D

husky and croaky are worlds apart! hahahah.... mm, ok, i choose to believe that u have got a husky voice!