Friday, April 10, 2009

fly tree fly.

so, tree flew off to the states today. we were excited but she wasn't {yet}. hah, but im certain that she will in hrs to come.
" tree, so sorry i gave u my glue stick as I forgot to get u a brand new one. And, ur friends r really friendly and unique in their own mannerisms. ur son insisted that the peas watch 'friends', the sitcom. see u in 5 weeks' time!'


LA TREE said...

hellloooo S pea!!! Greetings from LA.... the tree has re-rooted herself welll haha.. i will be going disneyland in 1 hr... slept 2 hrs before this haha... bt oh wells i shall just live life to the fullest.. help me say to B pea.. n thanks so much for dedicating a post to meeee... *huggggzzz

S.pea! said...

hellos tree!!!
great to hear that tree re-rooted herself well! heard from B.pea that tree had an awesome time at the happiest place on earth!
hahah.. :D
hope u and happy tree friend recover from jet-lags v.v.vsoon!