Saturday, May 23, 2009


pam's new 'tortise readers' - air flown from the US by our dear Tree
- taken with a Nikon AFS 17-55mm f2.8 lens

pam treated me to this japanese yogurt drink from isetan's supermarket - $2+/bottle.
- taken with Nikon d60 kit lens

Mon and Tues were 2 of the most adventurous days of this year - carried really bulky stuff and came across 2 weird + talkative + helpful cab drivers.
The days before mon, i was actually extremely anxious.. wondering who could I ask for help... who could help me on mon to help out in my shoot and transport the chairs from a cafe near sch. On Sun, God provided - omma!

Rented this really huge backdrop for some photography for my mag - consisted of 2 stands and a really loooooonng paper roll {just imagine a skinny 3+metres long toilet paper roll}. I shocked to see how lengthy it was. I regretted renting them after less than 5 mins of carrying the paper roll - I tot I wasted $52 + time + effort just to shoot 2 plain-colored wooden chairs. the rental centre ppl told us that it would be impossible to take any bus/train/cab with such a long paper roll. I needed to get the stuff to sch{south bridge rd to pahang street}. Tried flaggin a cab, but it din stop to take us and so we made our way to city hall. amazingly, we managed to take the train. Alighted at bugis and the ppl in the control station were staring at me.. They must have wondered how did i manage to even take the train.

Really thank GOd for my beloved omma {elsa} who helped me for the two days - collection and returning of the backdrop + chairs. Without her help, I would have been.... On Tues, she even helped me buy a sandwich shop {raffles place} thinking that i just wanted it for breakfast. In actual fact, i needed it take pictures of it for my mag. It was another round of transporting the chairs and backdrop. Omma wasn't feeling well that day - had a bad case of diahorrea. And so when it came to returning the backdrop, omma wanted to take a cab to help me transport the stands to the centre while I carry the paper roll and take the train. Ha, I was dreading that journey - imagine one carrying this really long paper roll on her shoulders... ah, i wish i had a lorry... 'tian ah...' I muttered to myself.

Amazingly, while waiting for a cab with omma, 2 cabs stopped at where we stood waiting. One had passengers alighting from it whereas the other cab had its driver getting out of his driver seat enthusiatically to help! He spent about 5+mins trying to fit the paper roll into his cab. At many times, he kept saying that the paper roll was too long to fit into the cab.. Interestingly, he never gave up. Finally, the paper roll 'fitted' into the cab as it layed stretched diagonally across the cab with 40+cm of it jutting out of a wound down window. I was really relieved and truly, this was favor. Throughout the cab ride, the dirver wouldn't stop talking and asking questions... Omma jokingly said that the cab driver helped me coz he was interested in me. haahha! I can only say that this is favor from God!

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