Monday, June 22, 2009


june passed so quickly ah.
1st two weeks of june -- i felt like an owl
thu-fri before camp on last mon was a mad rush.
that fri was like, 'ahhh...OGOd!' with help from my Saviour = provision of sis's help{calling up several printing and binding shops, editing of some stuff} + friend's help {buy paper, printing layouts} + extension of essays deadline.
sat = printed entire mag + spine of mag was accidentally cut off by printing uncle {like.. omG!} + extremely bad presentation for internal assessment {files were all over my desktop, no time to rearrange them....grace grace!!!} + external assessment was much better {still need abounding grace} + an encouragement from the external assessor to hone my God-given illustration skills. hahah..

third week of june = awesome his{tory} m{aker} camp! = best camp ever.... still need to sort my thoughts and reflect abt the camp.. hahaha...
thank God for a really cool rommie and bus trip companion.... eh... thank God for a chance to try peranakan food in melaka... thank God for a fresh reminder and conviction that my life is His and therefore, i live life with no worries knowing that He will do something great about it....

fourth week of june = this week = complete my essays + ......

"luke 1:37 { word of God is void of the power it takes to fulfil itself...}"

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TREE said...

U sneekily snuck out to eat peranakan food?! ahhh im so glad u got the chance to try. and its gonna be a very favoured 1 week as u complete ur essays in His rest!!!! *TREE HUG