Saturday, October 31, 2009

turning double 2.

The Good Things
buffet: melting pot -- no oyster, not much salmon but gd company
dinner: ikea -- pa
brunch: marmalade pantry -- awesome! love the earl grey himalaya & the brown sugar cubes.. cupcakes + cake + creme brule + pastas.
red packets -- gd for saving up for my holiday
old sch cake + birthday song: tree
shami's 8 ways of communicating a birthday greeting: ping/sms/fb/email/twitter/personally/call/?
smses + fb msges.
dinner: soupspoon -- convos
helvetica moleskin + a pkt of tazo earl grey + a charles capps lil bk: a start to my helvetica collection + something which i said i wud get it for myself 'one day' but didn't
bday prayer: 4x -- amen to every word spoken into my life
brown bonia vintage bag -- finally after one yr of using my black zara bag

on a side note,
spotted the sperry tt pam/i always wanted --- $129, shop has only 3 pairs left in stock for size 7. ohmy.
wat abt my harem-lookin pants-129 and crops pants-139.

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