Saturday, December 19, 2009

raw sugar.

i have many sachets of M&S earl grey in my room but no pretty cup to drink from.
i miss the cubes of raw sugar from marmalade.
and so, i took a packet of raw sugar from star***** today. ha.
and i'm on the hunt for a pretty tea cup.

room's in a mess - would like some new furniture.
i want a new structure here in my room.
papers, wrappers, flyers falling down from my wall onto my wooden floor.
lazy to stick 'em up again.

crossing the road...
my friends screamed so so loudly that my heart jumped.
i turned back and they looked slightly frightened.
i tot that they almost met with an accident.
little did i know tt i was the one.
they said that the taxi didnt look like it was gg to stop and it looked tt it was gg to hit me.
one said, 'wow, i think an angel stood between u and the taxi.'
recalling, the taxi was came really close to me.
thank u, Jesus. :)

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