Wednesday, October 19, 2005

God is big. ask big.


yea ABBa! your supply for me is unlimited and ever so ready to meet my demand! this truth totally contradicts the world's economics.
haha.. it says that the supply is limited whereas there is unlimited wants. and this results in opportunity cost which means that my consumption of a gd or svc will leave less for me to consume another gd or other ppl to consume e same gd i've just consumed!'s e world's theory so it's not applicable for us, beloved's who belongs to the Creator of the heaven and earth when askin our Daddy God for stuff ! it's only when i limit the supply then only the supply seems to cease. but the truth is that the supply doesn't cease, instead it's overflowing, just waiting for me to receive and thank Jesus for it!! PrAISE JESUS that everything has been provided forby His holy, perfect act of love on the cross for us!
haha.. this passage below is just so filled with the beauty of my Jesus!

luke 9:10-17
10Upon their return, the apostles reported to Jesus all that they had done. And He took them [along with Him] and withdrew into privacy near a town called Bethsaida.
11But when the crowds learned of it, [they] followed Him; and He welcomed them and talked to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed restoration to health.
12Now the day began to decline, and the Twelve came and said to Him, Dismiss the crowds and send them away, so that they may go to the neighboring hamlets and villages and the surrounding country and find lodging and get a supply of provisions, for we are here in an uninhabited (barren, solitary) place.
13But He said to them, You [yourselves] give them [food] to eat.
They said, We have no more than five loaves and two fish--unless we are to go and buy food for all this crowd, [II Kings 4:42-44.]
14For there were about 5,000 men. And [Jesus] said to His disciples, Have them [sit down] reclining in table groups (companies) of about fifty each.
15And they did so, and made them all recline.
16And taking the five loaves and the two fish, He looked up to heaven and [praising God] gave thanks and asked Him to bless them [to their use]. Then He broke them and gave them to the disciples to place before the multitude.
17And all the people ate and were satisfied. And they gathered up what remained over--twelve [small hand] baskets of broken pieces.

He tells me of how Jesus will give me the miracle i need even when my present circumstances are not in my favour. He also says that He is pleased to give the miracles to those who come to Him. Not only that, He says that He will multiply whatever little i have and the miracle has already been given to us and for us to even enjoy the left over blessings. Best of all, we just want to thank Him isn't it? i won't want to thank You only after i see my miracles manifested! i want to thank You now since my present state doesn't change the truth! Thank you Jesus for you are my everything!
luv, the one whom Jesus has blessed her with her miracles exceedingly, abundantly and above what she ever asked or thought of,
pris ;) Amen!!

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