Sunday, October 02, 2005

here's a one-liner: 'do you know that as believers, we have the priviledge of speaking well of things?'

As Christians aka Annointed ones, we are kings.

When we speak from a Christ-Righteous spirit, there is power.

A king doesn't decree and order his servants to perfrom a certain tasks but ends up carry out the order himself. He sits and rest and watches things being done for him. This is the one of the priviledges that Daddy God has freely bestowed to His beloveds. So generous! Act like a king as you as already one!

Also, when we speak, all controversies are settled. Don't let the circumstances rule you, speak it, cast them upon Daddy God's mighty hands. We are priests, king priests.

Today's svc was so touching. i could see the love that Abba has for us as Pastor spoke of his testimonies that are as a result of His love for us. Pastor spoke from his heart. (Heart speaks infinte volumes to another heart). He spoke of revelations that he made personal to his life and also His goodness and mercy. Nothing compares to His love for us. There were so much that he spoke that were so apt. one phrase that impacted me was, ' the world will never understand us, His beloveds.' isn't it so true? haha..

i want my soul to prosper! i want a quantum leap in knowing Jesus!! yes yes!!

Abba, i ask in Jesus' name that truths that i'm fed with be made a reality in my life!!
Praise Jesus! My household shall be saved in Jesus name! Amen. Not only i want them to be saved, but also i want them to have a relationship with you Jesus! These shall be done in Jesus' name! Amen amen!!! All fear be cast out in Jesus' name! for perfect love casteth out all fear!! yes and Amen! My God is big and good to me!

'Fear is illogical. it makes you do senseless stuff.' As a beloved of God, i have not been made to fear but to be filled with faith, the faith of Jesus.

What is there for me to fear when my God is larger than me, than my A'levels? What's more, my God is my Abba who created the good things around me and also redeemed me and translated me into the kingdom of God?

i don't live for success.
i live for Jesus.
i don't live for tomorrow.
i live for today.
Give thanks to Him for good things you have today.
Give thanks even for your family.
It is relationships that are important at the end of the day.
I want to live a life with no regrets.
Thank You for making these requests possible.
Thank You, Jesus.

Jesus is more than a teacher.
Jesus is my Saviour.

luv, the one Jesus loves 24/7,

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