Sunday, September 25, 2005

,the name above all names

... for the past few months.. i've been under different cgls.. though diff cgl may seem quite hard for one to move and adapt to different envt.. but hey.. Jesus, the unchanging one is with me.. Abba is good and also very meticulous.. He showed me that i don't need to try to adapt to the so-called 'different' envt..

though the tot of a change of cgl did make me feel apprehensive about attendin cg and also havin to get to know more ppl made me feel tired.. but hey.. Praise Jesus! He took care of these trivial cares and helped me to overcome these unneccessary stuff that causes His beloved to worry...

haha.. and also He gave me the priviledge to enjoy being under the leadership of different 'under-sherperds'.. learn so much under His annoiting upon them.. it is a great pleasure to see Jesus in handling all these stuff. 'cast all your cares upon Him and rest...' wah.. simple yet powerful...

i ask in Jesus Name that i will cast all my cares even those i think i can overcome on my own upon you.. Show me the truth that i lack.. let every day be a time of knowing You more and more..Amen! woohoo!!

hm.. this wk.. i experienced a little glimpse of wat is it to be supernaturally favoured.. i have favour all over me.. all glory to Jesus!! more to come.. just need to see with my spiritual eyes... such favour gives one such a joyous feeling especially when it's unmerited, unearned or undeserved..

well... here it goes.. while i was q-ing to buy food for pam n other beloveds of God. 2 aunties joined the q behind me.. when it came to my turn, their ah boys came in front of me with the intention of jumping q.. haha.. i was dumbfounded.. wanted to just let them buy their stuff first.. but then a loud voice shouted from the back.. an auntie aka the mother of one of the boys shouted: ' jie jie yao mai dong xi!!! bu yao cut q'.. to me.. it felt victorious.. the aunties could have easily cut my q..

Abba turned that around and helped me.. haha.. Jesus.. i thank You for this Name!

luv, the one whom Abba is well pleased, pris

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