Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jesus loves me.
Yasau ai wa (hokkien)
Yeshu ai wo (cheena)

wateva the language,it speaks of a Saviour's love for me
the never-changing,everlasting and inexhaustible love for me
O Lord,the depth,the breadth and the height of Your Love,
i cannot fathom.
but Lord,i see Your Love expressed on the Cross.
i thank You,my Jesus
that each day,every minute and each second of my life,
You O Lord,Your Love be revealed to me,in me.
with thanksgiving i shall give you praise my God!
indeed,of whose LOve shall i boast of except yours?
for everything i have is of You
a measure of faith i have been given
when i thirst,it's You O Lord whom i drink from
when im in need of hekp,You O Lord,are my Helper.
My constant Lover.
thank You,Jesus!All Glory to You alone.

in HisLove,pammie

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