Sunday, October 16, 2005

eucharistia aka thanksgiving

giving thanks for even the little good things in my life indeed makes me feel richer!
even the circumstances that don't seem to be in my favour.. i shall thank Jesus that He will and can turn all these circumstances for my good just because He loves me!
Thank Jesus that because of His love for me, i do not need to look to successes to know that i'm blessed.
Thank Jesus that my past failures do not determine the victory that Jesus has already given me.
okie.. today's campus msg and also the fellowshipping after svc was good. Praise Jesus! Every time i go to church to listen to His word, and listen to these truths, i receive!! haha.. Pastor said that failures that not spell the end for my future.
yea.. i shouldn't let my past failures in examinations discourage me. hehe..
Then, i was reminded that enjoying life..
enjoying that i have the priviledge to study for A levels is one of the important things that leads me to appreciate what i have and also recieve the abundance which Jesus had purchased them all by His precious blood..and these shall be multiplied 30, 60 and 100 fold ..things that the world may find mundane or a chore are some stuff we should take time to appreciate too.. haha..Amen!
luv, beloved daughter of God, pris

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