Sunday, July 15, 2007

Serving on 150707

Initially reluctant to help the teachers out to look after the children, it wasn't within my scope of responsiblity. Not much experience..Sleepy n tired.. then my leader said, " You just have to sit down with toys, play with the toys n the kids will just be attracted to you.. You're like a magnet.." haha.. "ok lor." i said.....

Children jumping around, shouting "amen!", n their little fingers holdin on to yours, seeing teachers singing n dancing to the praise and worship songs, teachers acting out a simple story frm the bible, seeing n hearing kids pray, confessing that "there's nothing too big for my God".. wow.. Just what i needed.. Some kids may not know what they were doing while partaking of the Holy com... but i'm sure that precious seeds r being sown.. every week, as these little ones come to church.. they r so So so just gg to be champions in this life!

It was so precious to see children as young as 2yrs old, singing praise songs to Jesus, listening to bible stories and also partaking the Holy communion.For what i took for granted, He used this to remind me of the significance of it all... He used this to minister to me... thank You Jesus for being so faithful even when I was faithless. :D

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