Tuesday, May 06, 2008

busy week

some typography-addiction/fetish...


The weeks have come and gone so quickly. OMG.

As my lecturer went thru' my Review's comments with me on yesterday, it hit me that I only have 8 weeks left in school and there are lots of incomplete projects that have yet to be done or even done to a standard which i like. HA!

the List of stuff which are to be completed:
1. Remount my Visual Communication work
2. Corporate Identity- Logo, stationery and 2 applications
3. Edit Digital Imaging project a lil
4. Choose my pics for digital photography
5. Edit my 3min Audio Project - pam listened to it n asked me to stop playing it at after a min of listening HA!!!
6. Packaging One- Bahlsen Waffelettens (the milk chocolate biscuits I always buy for my research and u dun get to eat)
7. Packaging Two- Rexona Deodorant (To be done by next Tues!)
8. Typography 1- Page Layout
    - A short story - Ugly Duckling
9. Typography 2- Book Cover - A walk to remember
10. Advertising Design- 3 print Ads
11. Video- Reshoot!
12. Computer Graphics Animation -Model a  3D Matchbox in a software
13. Website!!!
14. Major Project- my cafe idea! (O, chubby, I haven't told ya about it, have I?)

With O so many things to do, Jesus is my wisdom!
Chiong ahH!!!

Putting aside my blessed projects,
I went to Brasheer today with my beloved classmates and bought a book on packaging. Ha, so exciting. This is officially my 2nd design book which I have bought in my life I think! :D

Lately, people around me have been asking me abt my plans after my graduation in June... Mmm.... :)


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