Wednesday, May 07, 2008


hi chubbychubba!

So, today I decided to start the day early. Had a hot cuppa of caramel macchiato at 10+am. Simply awesome as it wasn't as crowded as usual. Did a scan of the whole of starbucks while at my table and realised that most of the people there use a macbook/mackbook pro. haha. cool!
The only thing or rather person that sightly irritated me for was the person who sat opposite me at the table (that long conference-looking table) , she took her laptop cover n just plopped it so so near to my cuppa as if she has low-spatial awareness.

Had chicky rice w pammie at purvis st then elsa came only later. pammie n elsa left later for production n I left early for sch! nice, got to borrow like 2 design books frm the nlb. Ha, chubby, wouldn't it be great if we own a library of books esp. if they are design books. haha, there will be truckLOADS of pretty pictures for me to see. Omy. 

Basically, the whole time that I spent in front of my mac today was trying to model my matchbox in a 3D software. haha, I was like lettin' out mini shouts of 'damn it' coz it was simply quite challenging to model such a supposedly simple object. ----- shall show it to u once i'm done modellin' it. HA.

After class at 6pm was a production meetin' for our june camp. yummy, we had soupspoon for dinner while discussin'... ( haha, u know food is so essential to me yea) and that discussion lasted for like 2 plus plus hrs. I'm kinda hyped up for the camp! so excitin', chubby! 

so here am i, just reached home, typin' to u! :D 
happy exams!

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