Saturday, May 24, 2008

a week surrounded by books

This week is a week of much lesser lattes, (only had 2 cups!) and more books.
Now that most students have finished their exams, the reference library is a quite empty with lesser ppl.
Besides not being allowed to bring in your own textbooks ( which I dun have) and notes ( I also dun really have), the library is a place where you can truly have a pleasant time using your lappie and mulling over books.
The coldness gets into ya if u sit there for more than 4 hrs. But with a pull-over, it feels much much less cold. I like the array of design books and magazines on their shelves but not the fact that 99% of the typography book are found one floor below. So troublesome man. Haa.

oh, and i lost pam's cashcard and my SGD 6 ++ inside. I left it in the slot after photocopying some stuff and only remembered about it about 1 ++ hr later. Then, it was gone! 

oh well...

So chubby, I have spent my whole week at the library! :D

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