Thursday, June 19, 2008

hoilday church camp 2008

time is on my side

hi chubby,

my church camp was awesome man-- truly felt like a holiday and it made me feel rested. We managed to kayak on day2 of camp. it was beautiful as we witness the sunrise while on our kayaks. I din take my camera with me on my kayak lest i dropped it into the waters. O  how i wished i did bring my cam with me la. Pam was so brave to take on the single kayak while i shared a double with elsa as it was Elsa's first time kayaking. As i laid back in my kayak n looked up to the skies, glanced right n left. It reminded me of how great god is-- how vast his love is for us. it's like on the right, i see the waters and the sky and on my right, i see the same.. it's amazing how god holds this earth and how the water is 'stuck' or should i say gravitational towards the centre of the earth. 

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