Monday, June 30, 2008

graduated from orita!


well. assessments have come n gone. I was quite ashamed of presenting particularly 4 of my works especially on the day of internal assessment which was the first day of assessment. I wanted so so much to re-do those projects or at least touch-up on them.. but simply had no time for them. oman, haha. When asked to explain the rationale of my design, i wud be like.."eh.." hahah... in my heart, i was wondering how can anyone be so proud and stand by the work she has done so 'ugly-ly'. After that day, i went home to sleep (finally!) as we cud no longer change/edit what we have presented on that day. waking up at 12+am, i decided to watch some tv.. haha, felt a sense of a lost of direction. It hit me that there wasn't anymore to do nor anything more i cud do as i started to throw away the used mounting boards n cut-strips of paper. It dawned on me that the answer to my question as to why can anyone be so proud of...... haha, it 's God grace- in my weakness, His strength shall be perfected.
So on saturday, the day of external assessment, nervous as i was, i presented the same works n each time as i passed those mounted boards of 'weaknesses' to my assessor, i reminded myself... "grace grace- undeserved favor" :D

a week of sleep-less nights and mornings, a week of yy cafe's ice coffee, cans of mocca/ lattes, and no starbucks, no library, less food - guess what chubby, there was even one day where i cud only eat at 8pm when tanghoon helped me buy a piece of bread. I thank God for classmates whom He has blessed me with - tanghoon n richelle. Classmates who had stood by me n encouraged me thru these past few weeks. Readily helping me n reminding me to finish my countless projects. Thank God for tanghoon who helps to comment on my work nearly everyday where i wud email her my works n she wud just give her comments. Oman, i feel so blessed.

Last night would be the last time i stay up with tanghoon n conversing with her thru msn to complete our sch work, haha.. walking away from sch as we signed the form to make our 'exit' official, i took along with me precious memories of God's goodness towards me - of how when i thought i have failed badly as a student n how he reminded me of his grace n this life is His, leaving me nothing to fear nor worry abt. of how he has taken care of my decisions to study design com. of how when even tanghoon nor my sista could help me do my projects, he was 24/7 with me. of how in a short span of a few days, he gave me ideas thus causing me to finish quite a number of projects. and of how i studied in an area filled with good food. of how........awesome. awesome.

anyways, today tanghoon, richelle n i finally got to fulfil our after assessment activities - have lunch specials at CURRY FAVOUR, shop around, take photos with our vivitars n demekins! it was so relaxing,. haha. i felt as if we were on a foodie spree today, i spent 30 bucks on jap food---browsing thru Meidiya at liang court n another mini jap supermarket at Central. Come to think of it, we started our shopping spree last saturday where we went Taka to buy the Hellolulu bags on promo and also Paragon's Muji to buy our shoes. ahah. We 3 bought the same shoes! how cool!
enjoyed myself! Praise the has been such a looong time since we slowed down our paces n just enjoy.

so chubby, here's an update on my assessments! n u will be back from thailand tmr! hahaha. how exciting!!! :D I HAVE GRADUATED!!!

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