Monday, December 01, 2008


Today, I thought of an idea that I think should be implemented in sec schs.
Introducing the 'smellometer', we can use it to detect the amt. of bacteria which causes the manifestation of b.o. 
hahaha. What do you think?
Do you smell that b.o is a prevalent issue amongst pubescents?
Mm, I guess this issue can be curbed by enforcing it as part of the kids' annual health checks. 

Today, i saw a grasshopper  dancing!
Really!!! Hahah.

Oh, how can i forget to mention this.
Have you ever seen a guy chewing his beard?
Well, I once did.



didi said...

oo! u serious? grasshopper dancing? it's probably doing a mate dance to attract the grasshopper lookalike human that is looking at it! hehe!

artsy! said...

eeeeeeee. didi!!!!
i beg to differ!!! haa. it was actualli dancing on a glass panel of Spinelli which happened to be filled w ppl. so the grasshopper might be inside the cafe.

didi said...

haha! only u know artsy! hehe!
and why are u at Spinelli? i thought ur a faithful supporter of Starbucks?

artsy said...

I passed by it & i'm still a starbucks supporter! :D