Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Greetings 2009!
It has been an eventful 1st 7 days of 2009.
On 2nd thoughts, the last week of 2008 was pretty eventful too.

Had lovely fun doin' random pursuits.

Christmas '08 was accompanied with the hustle and bustle of shoppin', doin' up decor, buyin'  food, eatin' loads, not much of sleep, wii (much thanks to mr.bong! who managed a 2~am delivery of nanchuks),...., online movies.

Cg Christmas '08 was surprisingly good this year - very organized, fun, and the crib was o' so large. Praise the Lord!

Oh, and Christmas bash '08! 2 weeks of painting, cutting, tape & building boxes! Woah. Learnt much and enjoyed lots. Indeed, He is faithful in putting all the stuff tgt and makin' it successful!

IM party day.
Filled with good fellowship.
A lil wii.
Pizzas, ice cream, ....
A successful gift xchange.
2 songs p&w.

2008-2009 was not any other day. 
We beheld the lush greenery, water-coloring on a make-shift mat, eating over-cooked pancakes @ Bots garden.
Walked thru' the crowd-thickened Orchard rd.
Steamboatin' thru the night.
More wii.
More movies.
But this time, I slept more. HA!

1st of 2009.
Ate more.
Failed attempts of lighting cheena-made sparklers @ marina barr...
Awesome prata, tasty and moist goreng and hot cuppa' teh chino .

Welcome home Chubby! Indi.Ah rocks? Murukus,... awaits pam & i!

Dektos 2009 Yongy (thanks for the customized pick!), Lulu (haha, if u see this.), pammie (who will def see this)!

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