Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Last week, we thought our fridge which had been serving us for the past 10 years had passed on.
For the passed 2 weeks or so, we could hear the disturbing sputtering sound made by the fan of the fridge. Slowly, the freezer no longer worked and then the chiller no longer cooled. Then on Saturday, I switched off the power supply to it. My ma likened this action to removing the life support.

My ma was anxious to buy a new fridge. And so we hunted for a new replacement last sunday - finally we settled for a smaller size fridge which would suffice our needs. No more 4 doors but 2 doors - a chiller and a freezer. In my mind, I deemed the replacement as inferior as it was visibly less smaller and didn't have an auto ice-machine. The fridge was slated to arrive yesterday.

However, much to our surprise, the 'old' fridge started working again when I switched on the power supply again. And it felt even colder than before.

The new one arrived on Tuesday morning and now, we have got 2 fridges.

'The older the ginger is, the spicier it becomes.'
Who wants the 'old' one?

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