Sunday, March 01, 2009


Sipping lipton tea at a time close to midnight, Chubby recalled the times.
"How was I when I was in sec 1?" one quipped. "What? I was weird?" one exclaimed with much doubt.
It is funny how both pammie and i couldn't recall any.
Chubby was uber emo and the other was extremely quirky.

Ha, I wondered how much I have transformed...

After sleeping so much and waking up only in the late noon, and a cup of lipton tea, I feel so awake.
Ironically, I have to wake up in 5hrs time!


chubby said...

nice.i liked the rain + hot tea combination. nice (:

artsy! said...

yea. hahah, i love it too. I'm missing 'toast' too. My earl grey, pam's camomile and what was urs? O, the cupcakes and darn nice ice lemon tea. And it has been a looong time since i played uno with u guys!

chubby said...

omg you just made me pine for all of the above!!! can we go to toast when we meet up to watch the movie? i miss that day! (: